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VPI Mica Tape


Thickness: 0.08mm--0.16mm
Width: 4.5mm--1000mm
Length: 300m--2000m
Inner diameter: 52mm,54mm,76mm,120mm
VPI Mica tape is a kind of dry Mica paper tape, supported by Glass cloth, PET film or polyimide film and impregnated with high-property resin, compatible with epoxy system and unsaturated polyester system, VPI Mica tape shows excellent electrical, mechanical properties, good integrity with long-operating life after coils wrapped and VPI treatment, widely used for VPI insulation in F-class DC and traction machines.

Application Notice
1. When wrap, the ideal speed is 120~150r/min.
2. When baking, original condition is 80~90℃/2h.
3. After been impregnated 110℃ for 2~3h,then rise to fixed temperature at 10℃ an hour. Advisable temperature: 150~170℃/10~20h.
1. Min Qty: 200kg each size in a lot
2. Packing: In Carton or wooden Carton