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Unsaturated polyester glass fiber sheet GPO3, SMC


GPO3 can be used as insulation part in motors, arc clapboard in the switches etc.

SMC applications are wide-ranging in the Transportation & Automotive, Electrical & Energy, Building & Construction, Industrial, Service, Sanitary, Domestic and Medical markets.

Unsaturated Polyester Glass Mat Sheet GPO3 is made from glass mat impregnated with unsaturation polyester resin by processing under heat and pressure, the natural color is typically red which has excellent arc and track resistance. Unsaturation polyester glass laminated sheet is in accordance with GPO3 sheet (NEMA standard).


Thickness: 0.5-100mm

Size: 1020x1220mm, 980x1980mm, 1000x2000mm

Color: white, red

The other size can be supplied according to customers' requests.


High arc and track resistance

Flame resistance

Physical strength

High heat resistant

SMC is highly suitable for electrical applications such as switch gear, partition plates, terminals, switchboards, partition plates and many others. Leadwin GPO3 fiberglass are formulated using unique fiber reinforced polyester composite that can be easily molded for a variety of purposes.


Dimension: width-110cm

Thickness: 2.5-3mm

Color: Red, White, Grey and Others

Sheets are offered in different sizes and specifications.


Has a higher mechanical strength than DMC

Used for items with large surface areas

Or on customers request where higher impact strenght is required

Generally only in light grey

Is manufactured in large quantities only

Excellent surface gloss

Excellent Flow Properties

Excellent mechanical properties