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Thickness:0.5-80mm Size:1230x2100mm;1000x2000mm;1200x2500mm

Color: Red, White, Grey and Others


Unsaturated polyester glass fiber cloth sheet is widly used in the transit industry,switchgear connectors and for control panels in enclosed areas.

Polyester glass fiber cloth sheet
Unsaturated polyester glass fiber cloth GPO3
GPO-3 sheet is E-glass fiber mat impregnated unsaturated polyester and inorganic filler binder by processing under pressure and heat, which has a excellent track, arc, and flame resistance have extremely high mechanical strength, and thermal performance at an competitive price. Our Polyester glass have low cost, low temperature properties, low electrical insulation value and good punching grade.

Polyester glass can be characterised by the following properties:
Low cost
Low temperature properties
Low electrical insulation value
Good punching grade