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How to reasonably evaluate the heat resistance of insulating materials? 2017-08-15
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For different types of electrical insulating board, the heat resistance will be different. In general, it is not appropriate to determine whether or not their heat resistance is based on the chemical name of the insulating material in various electrical applications. Moreover, the various heat insulating materials used in the insulation structure of electrical products, their respective heat resistance may be affected by other materials. In addition, the heat resistance of various materials to a large extent also depends on their specific function in the insulation structure.

In terms of the use of insulating materials in bakelite electrical insulation board, the material evaluation has two purposes: one is to evaluate the material as part of the electrical insulation structure, and the other is a simple combination that is used alone or as an insulating structure As an integral part of the evaluation of a certain material.

As long as the appropriate insulation structure test or operational experience to prove that some of its insulating material has satisfactory operating characteristics, you can determine whether the material is suitable for a particular insulation structure, regardless of the heat resistance of the material itself.

Requirements for the performance of insulating materials for different electrical equipment applications 2017-08-10
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We all know that DMD insulation paper are a wider range of electrical materials. In a variety of different electrical equipment, the performance requirements of insulating materials are also different. Such as: high-voltage electrical equipment in the high-voltage motors, high-voltage cables and other insulation materials used to require high breakdown strength and low dielectric loss, and low-voltage electrical appliances, mechanical elongation, elongation at break, heat-resistant level as a major requirement The For any type of insulating material, it also has its own performance difference.

For most of the insulating materials such as heat resistant tape, electrical properties, thermal properties, mechanical properties, chemical resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties and its chemical composition, molecular structure are closely related. Among them, inorganic solid insulation material is mainly composed of silicon, boron and a variety of metal oxides, mainly to the ionic structure, the main features of high heat resistance, the working temperature is generally greater than 180 ℃, good stability, resistance to atmospheric aging , Chemical resistance and long-term performance in the electric field under the aging performance. But high brittleness, low impact strength, high pressure and low tensile strength, poor process. The organic material is generally a polymer, the average molecular weight between 104 to 106, the heat resistance is usually lower than the inorganic material. But also contains aromatic ring, heterocyclic and silicon, titanium, fluorine and other elements of the material heat resistance is higher than the general line of chain polymer materials.

In the application of insulating materials, will also be affected by external factors and its performance changes. Among these factors, the two important factors that affect the dielectric properties are the strength of the polar and the content of the polar component. In general, the dielectric constant and dielectric loss of the polar material are higher than those of the non-polar material, and the impurity ions are easily adsorbed to increase the conductivity and reduce the dielectric properties. Therefore, in the manufacture of insulating materials to pay attention to clean, to prevent pollution, and the capacitor is best to use the dielectric requirements of a high dielectric constant to improve its specificity.

GPO-3 is a good insulating material, is widely used in the machinery and electrical industry, then it is what good product performance, to win everyone's widely used? 2017-07-21

GPO-3 is a good insulating material, is widely used in the machinery and electrical industry, then it is what good product performance, to win everyone's widely used? The following GPO-3 manufacturer for you!

First, with flame retardant: Because GPO-3 insulation material is not halogen-containing materials, so when the phenomenon of fire, it has good flame retardant properties, and will not produce toxic gases.

Second, the product mechanical properties: Because GPO-3 production of the main material is high-strength glass fiber, it is not easy to break the phenomenon, and easy to bend to a diameter of 19mm.

Third, the resistance to high temperature: Because of the special properties of the production of materials, GPO-3 it can 120-210 ℃ electrons and 130-210 ℃ mechanical range with UL temperature rating. With superior stability.

Fourth, good insulation performance: it is high-quality insulation materials, is widely used in the electrical industry

Fifth, the production of simple and easy to shape: GPO-3 insulation material processing is simple and convenient, can stamping, drilling, machining, cutting and scrub.

Flame retardant cable commonly used insulating materials and the main performance 2017-07-18
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The performance of the flame retardant cable is determined by the oxygen index of the material used, and the higher the oxygen index, the better the flame retardant performance of the flame retardant cable. But at the same time will lose part of other performance, increase the difficulty of operation and material costs.

Flame-retardant cable through the standard clock C class experimental requirements on the requirements of the oxygen index of insulation material to 30, and if you want to achieve Class B and Class A sheathing materials and fillers are used flame retardant materials.

What is the raw material for SMC? 2017-07-14

SMC is the abbreviation of Sheet molding compound, translated into Chinese is a sheet molding compound. The main raw materials from the SMC special yarn, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additives, fillers and various additives. Is a kind of resin-based composite material, it first appeared in Europe in the early sixties of the twentieth century, in 1965 or so, the United States, Japan have developed this process. China in the late 80s, the introduction of foreign advanced SMC material production lines and production processes. SMC material has excellent electrical performance, corrosion resistance, light weight and easy to design, flexible, etc., its mechanical properties can be comparable with some metal materials, which are widely used in transportation vehicles, construction, electronics / electrical and other industries.

Insulating material: Insulating laminate 2017-07-14
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Insulating laminates are also known as laminates, and there are many types of insulating laminates, including phenolic cotton laminates, epoxy glass cloth laminates, insulating paperboard, silicone glass cloth laminates, melamine glass cloth laminates, diphenyl ether Glass cloth laminates, bismaleimide glass cloth laminates, polyimide glass cloth laminates, graphite glass cloth laminates, high strength epoxy glass cloth laminates, etc., referred to as insulation board.

With the development of the electrical industry, high insulation. High strength, high temperature and adapt to a variety of use of laminated plastic products have emerged. Printed copper clad laminates for printed circuits are also rapidly evolving due to the needs of the electronics industry. China's electrical and electronic laminates are gradually developed after the liberation. China's thermosetting laminate has formed a relatively complete series.

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